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Uniform Information


School Uniform for September 2023


All children should wear the school uniform throughout the year. 

The standard Black Combe Junior School uniform now consists of:

  • A plain white shirt or polo shirt
  • A navy-blue jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt (Not a hoodie)  with the school badge
  • Black/grey school type knee length skirts or long trousers
  • Sensible flat black shoes (no high heels or platform shoes)
  • A blue polo dress or black shorts or lightweight skirt with a white polo shirt may be worn in the summer  


PE Kit

Trainers, black shorts, a white t-shirt, Navy-blue jogging bottoms and hooded sweatshirt for outdoors.




Please clearly label all clothing and belongings as it helps you and your child quickly identify them and reclaim them if they are lost.  


We always encourage children to take care of their belongings but cannot take responsibility for lost items.

Jewellery should not be worn in school.

Children with pierced ears may wear small plain studs (one per ear), although your child must remove these for PE lessons. If your child is going to have their ears pierced, please ensure that this is arranged for the beginning of the summer holidays. Other forms of body piercing are not allowed in school.


School uniform, embroidered with the school badge, can be obtained from:

  • Fergusons in Wellington Street, Millom
  • Coniston Corporate (order online or by telephone, free home delivery)
  • Identity in Barrow (order online or by telephone)

The school sweatshirt is the only item of clothing which we expect to have the embroidered school badge, all other items of school uniform can be generic.


Millom Children's Centre hold a stock of good quality, second hand school uniform which is available free of charge

Q code for Coniston Corporate orders