Black Combe Junior School


Welcome toBlack Combe Junior School

School Day

                         From 8:30am freshly cooked bagels available for all children from kitchen (free of charge)

                         8:50 am Registration

                         8.55 am Learning Begins 

   10.15am to 10:35am Break time

                         12.00 noon Lunchtime

                         12.45 pm Registration

                         3.30 pm School finishes

                         4.30 pm After school clubs finish




Children arriving between 8:50 am and 9.25 am will be registered as late.

Children arriving after 8:50 am registration should go to reception at the front door to gain entry to the building.                           

The school is open for 33.35 hours each week.


We believe that regular attendance is essential to gain a good education. Children need to be at school to learn! Persistent absence not only affects academic progress, but it can also lead to social isolation as the child may find it difficult to maintain friendships. The school is committed to working with parents to ensure that children attend both regularly and punctually.

Parents should ensure that, if their child is absent from school for any unavoidable reason such as sickness, they contact the school on the first morning of absence. This can be done by telephone, email, or Weduc/Reach more Parents (our preferred method of communication.) We have a dedicated answer machine where you can leave a message should you need to keep your child off school. If your child still needs to take prescribed medication on their return to school, you will need to fill in a medical form available from the school office.

Children who are collected from school to attend a health appointment must be signed out from the school office and a copy of the appointment card to be copied at school.