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Supporting Learning at Home

Welcome to the Learning Support page!


This page is dedicated to providing you with resources to support your child's learning at home.




Lockdown Learning

Although school is closed to most children, we are here to continue high quality teaching, learning and parent support. We have carefully planned for this eventuality so be assured that we will continue to fully support throughout this period so your child will not lose out on the quality curriculum we offer during this time.


Each child will receive a home learning pack (including a reading book) to complete their work in. They can be picked up from the school hall,  Wednesday 6th January between 1pm & 2pm (or at an arranged later date if you cannot make this).


This week, we will be easing the children back into home learning so families have some space and time to set up and get used to routines. We will set some tasks to support this transition. From then on, each day, the home learning will involve 4 tasks.


They will be:

  1. Maths – Mental Maths work-out and main activity;
  2. English – Spelling/Grammar work-out and main activity;
  3. Daily reading (your book);
  4. Topic challenge.


The expectation is that your child spends 3 hours learning a day. Tasks will be set for 4 days (Mon-Thurs). Friday will allow your child to catch up on any of the week’s work if they were not able to complete some. If they have finished, there will be a ‘goodie bag’ of activities on Friday which will be linked to the topic.


Below, you will find the lessons for each day and details on how and when to submit the completed tasks. Rest assured, the teachers will be available on Class Dojo each weekday during normal school hours if you need any further support or additional work. 


Daily timetables


Monday 25th January

Monday's resources (25th Jan):

A message from the leader of Rome.wmv

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Last week's timetables (in case you still need them)

Monday 18th Jan Resources:

Tuesday's resources (19th Jan):

Wednesday's resources (20th Jan)

Thursday's resources (21st Jan):

Free Fridays


Well done to everyone for making every effort to continue the learning at home. We understand that everybody has different situations and that it can be really tough at times. So we keep Friday free. Friday can be used to do a little catch-up, but don't feel you need to catch up on everything. You could choose an activity or two, from last week or this week, that interest you the most and have a go at those. We don't want anybody to feel stress and worry. 



Popular Maths Games we have been playing in school.


There have been some online number skill games we have been playing in school that some children at home have been asking about. If you can access them, you can find the links below. They are great to play a little each day. 


If you are looking for other ideas whilst learning at home, visit Linking Learning! A great, free site which includes lots of advice, tips, resources and links!