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In our year 6 class, we pack plenty of learning into our day. We work hard and help each other to achieve our best. As well as covering a wide range of subjects, we always take part in plenty of problem solving, discussions and debates, all of which enhance our learning. Of course, we have lots of fun and laughter too!

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Mr. Jackson and Year 6.



A thousand years of history in Skipton Castle; human and physical features of York and how it compares to Millom; Viking raids, trade, settlement and sagas; the story of electricity from the Victorian era; using electricity to make Morse Code machines; exploring Victorian life (schools, streets, trade, buildings, prisons and personal stories); Experiencing WWI trenches and personal stories; liberation in the Sixties, exploring fashion, shops, technology and cultural change post war; a history of toys; the quest for speed and the evolution of trains...not to mention a ghost walk! That's a lot of learning in 3 days!

This year, we will be exploring the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.

We will be asking ourselves some pretty big questions such as, 'What makes me, me?', 'Where did I come from?', 'If I change, am I still me?', 'What am I made of?', 'Why do I grow?', 'What is my mind?', 'How do I know I am real?' ... and many more brain burning questions!


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Weekly Timetable:

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How often should my child be doing homework?

Your child will be set homework on a Monday which must be completed by Thursday. It will consist of three challenges, which will be linked to the learning in class.  In addition to these challenges, your child should take part in regular reading.


What if my child does not have much time for homework at home?

If your child struggles to complete their homework, they are more than welcome to attend the Tuesday or Wednesday homework club which starts at 8.15 am.


How can I help my child with reading?

Reading doesn't just have to happen in a school book. For example, you could spend some time reading instructions for a recipe or a game. You could encourage your child to read menus or street signs. The key is to help your child see that reading should be purposeful and enjoyable.

The question cards (on the right hand side of this page) will also really challenge your child's understanding of their reading.


Take a look at some memories from the previous Year 6 below!

After the SATs, we started a major project with a Scientific, Historical and Philosophical perspective; exploring billions of years on the Earth and placing events into a unique timeline (including their predictions for the next 100 years!). In order to present their research, children have been using Science, Art, Design and Technology knowledge and skills to design and construct the most creative interactive timeline they can think of. Currently, we have 3-D pyramids and mountains with hidden secrets; a building with a motorised lift; scrolls which wind themselves; cubes within cubes; a television and even a chicken burger timeline! Exciting stuff!


We didn't think it was enough to just use books and the internet to explore the past and our effect on the Earth so we have decided to get our hands dirty! We have taken part in some activities in preparation for our visit to the Duddon Dig! We are hoping to find some exciting historical artefacts which will tell us something about the history of the local area! 


As part of the human condition, we have been exploring how we, as humans, have interacted with each other, in the past and present and across the world. We have talked about different ways countries are ruled or governed, including our own and have had some really interesting conversations about the creation of the European Union, the reasons it exists and why people have disagreed about leaving.

Amongst all of this, we have been discussing democracy alot. We have looked at democracy from a school level, all the way to a national and European level. To help us with this, Denise Burness, one of our governors, a previous mayor and current town councillor, kindly came into Year 6 to talk about her role and how democracy works in Millom and the wider community. A big thank you for a fascinating talk.


Below, children have been helping me to plan the next big project. They have been brilliant identifying relevant knowledge and skills that they can use and develop. The ability to do this makes great learners! Well done! Children have also been researching the life and works of Charles Darwin.  


Below, take a look at the Year 5 and Year 6 debate on the existence of zoos. They made some really good points for and against. It was a really interesting debate.


Trip to Skipton and York: Castles, Roman Strongholds, Viking Craft and Trade, The Victorians, Prisons, The 60's, Ghost Walks, The National Railway Museum, From Rocket to Bullet: Evolution of Trains, Evolution of Electricity and much more!


Early Civilisation Project:

Enjoy scrolling through photographs of the children's work on developing their own 'Early Civilisation'.

For more information and photographs, check out the 'Our Curriculum page'.

Working hard in their 'Early Civilisation' model village...




Also check out the 'Awards' page to see more achievements!



Create your own YooBot!

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Yoobot vs YooNot is a free game and learning tool that the British Heart Foundation have developed to help children think more about the physical activity they are doing and food they are eating in order to take more responsibility for their own health.
For more information, Click the link below:
More about Yoobots


Sumdog is a great website for Maths games! We have a special subscription to this site. All the children in year 6 have access and games are tailored to their individual needs. They can also complete special challenges I set them. Sumdog is also a great way to practise their maths skills and climb the learning ladder! Click on the image below to go straight to the site.


Question cards for fiction:

Question cards for non-fiction:

As you know, the internet is a massive part of our lives and, just like crossing the road, children need to learn how to stay safe. 'Think You Know?' is the official website from CEOP, for children and parents. Click on the image below to go straight to the site.