Welcome to Class Two, Year 3/4

Kit you will need this term:

Please note P.E. kit is a white t-shirt and black shorts with trainers. P.E. kit should be brought on Monday and be left in school all week until Friday.

This half term we are NOT swimming.

We are starting Forest School on Wednesdays this term.  We travel to a local woodland on Ricky's minibus in the afternoon.  Warm, old, outdoor clothes and suitable footwear  (old trainers, boots, wellies) and a waterproof jacket are needed. Hats, scarves and gloves would be a good idea too when the weather gets colder. Jogging pants etc. for legs NO DENIM JEANS.  

 Homework this term will usually be given on Thursday.  It is due in on the  Thursday of the following week. If the work is not done by then we will expect it to be finished at break times.  I always go over the work, so your child should know what to do.  If you are getting a bit stuck please call into school or telephone me and I will go over the work. There is also an opportunity for children to come into homework club from 8.00am onward on any day of the week where they can complete their homework and have some breakfast too if you want. Children may also stay behind at the end of the day on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday to get some help with completing their homework.


Mr. N. Dodd 

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                                     Curriculum /Topics for the year

This week we visited a stony beach habitat.  We made sculptures.

We lit our pumpkins and wrote our ghost stories about the haunted house we saw at The Green on our journey.  We're using ADJECTIVES to describe nouns.

We carved pumpkins for hallow e'en.

We saw a haunted house on our journey to The Green.  It was hallow e'en story time!

Today we played Pooh sticks from the bridge at The Green.

Today Mrs. Haine, one of our school governors,did a dressing up story instead of her usual reading work with the class.  It was good fun.

Today we learnt about how to give first aid.

We all got certificates for our first aid.

Today we learnt about democracy.  We had a go ourselves by voting for our school council representatives.  We even used a polling booth.

This week we visited a different habitat at the beach.

This week we visited the rock park to link with our history topic.

Today we went for a map walk to link in with our geography.

Today we went looking for hazelnuts in the forest.