Welcome To Class One

In Class One we pride ourselves on how hard we work. From September onwards we begin to develop our confidence and independence and enjoy the responsibilities that we are given such as changing our books in the library and looking after our own resources. We really enjoy learning because it is challenging and fun and our lessons help us learn how to solve problems and create the best work we possibly can. Our class get to go outside and learn as well as use all of the amazing technology in school but it isn’t all work, we still get to play and build our social skills too. We learn how to be kind to others, how to be persistent and how to do our best. Class One is amazing.

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Literacy and Numeracy

So far in the Spring Term we have learnt lots and lots in our Literacy and Numeracy lessons.

We have been learning all about measurement in Numeracy and this has included fun activities such as making cocktails, baking biscuits, measuring distances around the school, weighing objects in class and showing time on different clocks. We have also learnt about money and how to add up coins and work out change. 

In Literacy we have been writing poetry. We learnt all about different types of poetry such as kennings, acrostics, haikus and rhyming couplets and the rules that you must follow when writing them. We had a go at writing all of these different types as a class and then wrote our own independently. As well as this we have been looking at rhyming stories in guided reading. Also this term we have made lots of progress in our reading thanks to Mr Dodd's excellent idea of creating two paired reading sessions a week during which the older children support the younger children in their reading. 

Below are some pictures of Class One enjoying their Numeracy and Literacy lessons.

Playing in the Snow

This half term we were really lucky when one day it snowed so much we could go outside and play in it. We made snowmen using scarves, hats and carrots and had great fun. 

Here are some pictures.

Healthy Eating in Design and Technology

In Design and Technology this half term we have been learning all about healthy eating. This involved designing and creating a healthy packed lunch for a superhero and an unhealthy packed lunch for a super villain. We researched healthy and unhealthy foods, designed packed lunches using what we discovered, made each packed lunch and then tasted and compared the packed lunches. They were both delicious. 

Mardi Gras Masks in Geography

This half term in Geography we have been learning all about Superheroes around the world. This included learning about the superhero and the country they came from such as France, Germany and South America. We then located the places on maps, atlases and Google Earth before completing activities based on each country. For South America we all made Mardi Gras masks using feathers, fabric, paper straws and ribbons. 

These are our Mardi Gras masks.

Superhero Science

This half term we have learnt all about animals including humans. We learnt about our bones and muscles by looking at the superhero Wolverine and then learnt about animals through Beast Boy, a superhero who can change into any animal. We learnt about mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. In the last lesson we made jellyfish out of paper plates and tissue paper. It was great fun. 

Here are our jellyfish.