The Black Combe School Curriculum


At Black Combe Junior School, we are extremely proud of the rich and creative curriculum we offer through a broad range of experiences and activities. 

Our aim is to motivate, enhance and support learning by making learning meaningful and enjoyable . We often do this by joining different elements of the National Curriculum together and exploiting the wealth  of opportunity that the local area  has to offer.

   You will find an overview of the curriculum for each year group for every subject on your child's class page .If you would like any more information about the curriculum it can be found in the school  Prospectus or by contacting school on 01229772862. 

Below, are just a few examples of  the experiences our children enjoy...


Young Citizens is giving all primary age children the opportunity to take part in a vote to discover the issue of greatest concern to the nation’s children, and to take part in a national campaign to make things better.             

The Make a Difference Challenge is a child-led social action project for Key Stage 2 that supports pupils in identifying, researching and addressing a cause or concern that they want to do something about.

Black Combe Junior School wanted to be a part of a great national cause and make a positive difference, so, in a whole school assembly and in classes, we explored many causes, from animal welfare to antisocial behaviour. Each child voted on the cause they were most passionate about. We then added these votes to the campaign.

We look forward to finding out the results and taking part in the project!


The Human Condition

Year 6 are taking the entire year to explore the human condition. This is an exciting project which will look at what it means to be human from many different perspectives! For more information, you can take a look at the Year 6 page.

Computing Week

The whole school have had an amazing time, exploring all aspects of E-Safety and programming. Year 3 children built an assault course for our 'Sphero' Robot; Year 4 created their own 3-D platform game; Year 5 tested their measurement knowledge in order to programme their cars around a purpose-built track and Year 6 managed the whole thing; supporting and teaching the other three classes. We all had a fantastic time! The children were all engaged and inspired; they were constantly feeding back to each other to support their own learning; they were independent and were certainly challenged!

Whinlatter Forest Mountain Biking and Trails

The Year 6 children all had an amazing time enjoying the outdoors, trails and challenging themselves to the next level of ‘Bikeability’ training, where they took part in an exhilarating mountain bike session through stunning Lakeland scenery! They displayed amazing perseverance, resilience and drive to complete the course! We also had plenty of fun playing too, especially on the slide, however, even then, Year 6 got into Science mode and started testing the best materials to reduce friction!


BIG History

Year 6 recently started a major project with a Scientific, Historical and Philosophical perspective; exploring billions of years on the Earth and placing events into a unique timeline (including their predictions for the next 100 years!). In order to present their research, children have been using Science, Art, Design and Technology knowledge and skills to design and construct the most creative interactive timeline they can think of. Currently, we have 3-D pyramids and mountains with hidden secrets; a building with a motorised lift; scrolls which wind themselves; cubes within cubes; a television and even a chicken burger timeline! Exciting stuff! Click on the images to see how they are getting on...


The Year 4 class really enjoyed their Bluebell trip (and what a beautiful day)!

The 'Early Civilisation' Project


Breakfast Club is very popular! Having a nice chat over breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Science Week

The whole school have enjoyed a week of Science work linked to other areas of the curriculum. The Science Week was separated into two main activities. The first activity involved the children learning how fidget spinners work, this involved researching the toys and how they use low friction to spin for a long time via the use of ball bearings. The children then spent the day designing and building their own fidget spinner which included a lot of Design and Technology practices and skills.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying learning about and building their own fidget spinner.

The second Science activity the children were asked to complete involved finding out which year group are the fastest runners. this involved making a prediction, designing and carrying out a fair test, collecting data, working out an average, sharing the results with the school and then writing a conclusion. The children really enjoyed the activity and were surprised by the result. 

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying their Sports Science day.


Road Safety Assembly

This week at Black Combe Junior School we have been fortunate enough to have two PCSOs (Police Community Support Officer) deliver an assembly about road safety. This is linked to the PSHCE work that we already do in school. Paul and Victoria explained why road safety was important and asked the children questions about how to keep safe. The children responded very well to the questions showing that they are aware how to keep safe on our roads. We would like to say a big thank you to Paul and Victoria for their time and efforts to keep our children safe.


Year 3 walked to Holy Trinity church to find out more about churches and our local environment. The children enjoyed learning some of the History, Geography and R.E. curriculum outside the classroom.

Learning beyond the classroom

The Duddon Dig

A survey and excavation of three longhouses in the Duddon Valley


The Museum of Science and Industry

(a whole school adventure)

Hinning House

A journey of independence: Survival, orienteering, self-led walks, local physical features and land use, ghyll scrambling, hill walks, caving, mountain biking and even making your own bed!

Forest School

Learning about animals at the zoo

Throughout the school, we have been learning about animals but in lots of different ways, from researching the history of British zoos and human influence on animals, to life cycles.


Our Computer After School Club is extremely popular!


There is plenty of talent here, in our Singing After School Club!